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                  Ceramic anilox roller

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                    Ceramic anilox roller

                    Advantage application

                    It is widely used in flexo printing machinery factory, flexo printing factory, corrugated machinery factory, corrugated printing factory, etc.
                    Application Description:Ceramic flexographic roller belongs to the ink transfer roller in flexo printing process. It does not participate in direct printing. It transfers the ink layer evenly to flexographic printing.
                    Representative products:All kinds of self-adhesive labels, clothing labels, handbags, book stationery, paper cups, packaging cartons, Atlas printing, etc

                    Diameter range: 50-500mm
                    ·Maximum width: 3600 mm, with shaft 4000 mm
                    ·Engraving angle: any angle
                    ·Net hole shape: Hexagon, oblique line shape, snake shape, quadrilateral shape, channel shape, etc.
                    ·Main material: seamless steel pipe or special aluminum alloy base material, all imported powder.
                    ·Main processing equipment: ale fiber laser engraving machine, precision cylindrical grinder.
                    ·Main testing equipment: mesh hole measuring instrument, thickness gauge, hardness tester, etc.
                    ·Wear resistance: the thickness of the coating is greater than 0.25 mm, the porosity is 0.01%, the hardness is 1300hv, and the printing resistance can reach more than 3 million meters. According to the customer feedback, the maximum printing capacity has reached 10 million meters.
                    ·Corrosion resistance: using super Ni Cr alloy primer and plasma spraying ceramic coating process, the corrosion resistance is more than 300% higher than ordinary chrome plate roller, and the sealing effect is better with sealing agent.
                    ·Printing uniformity: using fiber laser direct engraving, the whole page dot difference is small, the printing uniformity is good, the color difference 
                    is less than 1.
                    ·Precision process: the ink error is less than 3%.Network cable range: English 50-1000 lines (metric 20-500 lines) can be processed.
                    ·Shelf life: 12 months.