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                  Ceramic anti sticking roller

                  CATEGORY: Products
                    Ceramic anti sticking roller
                    Advantage application
                    ·Anti sticking performance (tape)+++++
                    ·Wear resistance (Taber wear test)+++++
                    ·Film forming hardness hrv60-70
                    ·Friction coefficient-
                    ·The surface roughness of coating RA = 3.5-6.0 μ M
                    ·Temperature resistance - 100 ℃ to + 220 ℃
                    ·Chemical resistance+++
                    ·Oxidation resistance+++
                    ·Plastics, printing, film and leather
                    ·Diameter range: 50-500mm
                    ·3600mm in width and 4000mm in width
                    ·Carving angle: 30 degrees, 60 degrees
                    ·Network cable range: English 50-1000 lines (metric 20-500 lines) can be processed.
                    ·Net hole shape: Hexagon, oblique line, snake, quadrilateral, through groove, concave and convex point type.
                    ·Main material: seamless steel pipe or special aluminum alloy base material, all imported powder.
                    ·Main processing equipment: ale fiber laser engraving machine, precision cylindrical grinder.
                    ·Main testing equipment: mesh hole measuring instrument, thickness gauge, hardness tester, etc.
                    ·Precision process: the ink error is less than 3%.
                    ·Shelf life: 12 months.