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                  Label/Film transfer roller

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                    Label/Film transfer roller
                    Label printing is the field of flexographic printing with the highest fineness. Due to the use of UV ink, in the case of relatively low temperature and high ink viscosity, if the surface tension is uneven due to improper treatment of roller surface and screen wall, the phenomenon of "flying ink", commonly known as meteor shower, will appear after the scraper. In addition, the number of lines of the label roller is relatively high, the screen wall is relatively thin, the ordinary engraving technology screen wall is relatively brittle, easy to scratch under the action of scraper, knife screen printing. At the same time, high-precision printing on the anilox roller accurate ink transfer effect put forward high requirements.

                    Advantage application
                    ·Uhl cable (100-1500lpi)
                    ·Exquisite processing technology, more suitable for UV ink environment
                    ·Uniform surface tension, effectively reduce the "flying ink" phenomenon
                    ·Adapt to gray printing ability, smooth transition
                    ·High quality ceramic coating and unique mesh treatment can improve the scratch resistance of roller surface and maintain the leading level of international peers
                    ·Uniform color development, high ink loading accuracy
                    ·Diameter range: 50-500mm
                    ·3600mm in width and 4000mm in width
                    ·Carving angle: 30 degrees, 60 degrees
                    ·Network cable range: English 50-1000 lines (metric 20-500 lines) can be processed.
                    ·Net hole shape: Hexagon, oblique line, snake, quadrilateral, through groove, concave and convex point type.
                    ·Main material: seamless steel pipe or special aluminum alloy base material, all imported powder.
                    ·Main processing equipment: ale fiber laser engraving machine, precision cylindrical grinder.
                    ·Main testing equipment: mesh hole measuring instrument, thickness gauge, hardness tester, etc.
                    ·Precision process: the ink error is less than 3%.
                    ·Shelf life: 12 months.