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                  Ceramic micro concave roller

                  CATEGORY: Products
                    Ceramic micro concave roller
                    Advantage application
                    ·High wear resistance
                    ·Accurate metrology
                    ·Surface consistency
                    ·Excellent anti injury film
                    ·Optical diffusion film
                    ·Automobile explosion proof membrane
                    ·Protective film
                    ·Release membrane
                    ·Solar back film
                    ·Diameter range: 50-500mm
                    ·3600mm in width and 4000mm in width
                    ·Carving angle: 30 degrees, 60 degrees
                    ·Network cable range: English 50-1000 lines (metric 20-500 lines) can be processed.
                    ·Net hole shape: Hexagon, oblique line, snake, quadrilateral, through groove, concave and convex point type.
                    ·Main material: seamless steel pipe or special aluminum alloy base material, all imported powder.
                    ·Main processing equipment: ale fiber laser engraving machine, precision cylindrical grinder.
                    ·Main testing equipment: mesh hole measuring instrument, thickness gauge, hardness tester, etc.
                    ·Precision process: the ink error is less than 3%.
                    ·Shelf life: 12 months.